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    So you're thinking of becoming a dogging enthusiast but are feeling a bit of trepidation before actually engaging in an outdoor sexual adventure because you don't know what to expect? First of all, you should know that you're one of possibly millions who engage in or are ready to embark upon the naughty sport of dogging, and the possibilities for fun and excitement are endless. The Web is the most accurate and convenient way to find the best dogging action in your area and, once you're found the spots, you should know what to expect before you arrive and begin participating.

    Dogging spots are usually car parks, “lovers lane” type areas, beaches, woods, and other similar areas where people can park their cars and roam around to spy or participate in some illicit action. You'll see couples engaging in sex in their cars, on the grass, or up against the trees. You'll need to know any local protocols or “house rules” of any given area, such as what an open car door indicates, or how people flash their headlights or use hand signals to invite onlookers or others to join in or film the action. Some areas are primarily for gay action, while others are mostly straight – some are a good mix of the two. But the action is never identical at any one spot from night to night, and you'll just have to survey the scene once you get there to gauge the vibe and see what and how far you want to go.

    On the negative side, you'll also need to be mindful of the local authorities patrolling the area, as dogging is most certainly not legal in most areas, and there have been citations issued. Although, most doggers would agree that the danger of getting caught is part of the excitement.


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